The Folly of Darwin's Theory

Darwin’s adherents assume that there is no soul, no spirit, no God and no life after death. Accepting this hypothesis is unsound, because if it is true that there is life after death, God must punish you with an everlasting punishment for which no torment on earth can rival. Your depression, thoughts of suicide, loneliness, bitterness, hate, envy and utter misery will be a mere trifle when you are sent to hell1.

If you were merely a bag of chemicals, why is the world wasting its time dealing with your depression, misery and loneliness because these must be reduced to a mere chemical reaction. Indeed, the greatest hypocrisy of the God haters, who ascribe Darwin’s theory as their hope in life, therefore, must accept the hypothesis they are but a bag of chemicals, is that they demand 18% of the entire country's budget in order to stay alive and another large sum to deal with the social consequence of this unethical immoral group. This is irrational! You desire to stay well; for what purpose? I do so because I know God and I desire to obey him. I help those in need because God demand’s it – God has commanded I love my neighbour. Your hypothesis demands that all weak genetic material must be destroyed - Darwin's understanding of the purpose of deat. For the sake of the community the outcome of your theory is death because Darwin demands the weak die and the strong live. The weak die in order that their genetic material is prevented from being transmitted to future generations. I find the consequence of Darwin’s theory untenable – yet most have never thought about what the hypothesis really means. Hitler did and acted upon it.

So why do you care if a friend gets ill or dies – to do so is irrational according to Darwin’s theory – I observe that the bags of chemicals that shades me, feeds me and makes the world look pretty do not care if one of their number becomes ill or dies. You believe both a tree and your body are but evolved entities – no different in beginning nor ending.

[the] grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire [from the Bible]

The greatest folly of Darwin’s adherents is to dismiss the soul and thus a spirit. The word “soul” comes from the Greek psyche a word also used in English. We all have soul – the human soul is emotion (often referred to as the heart especially in literature); it is mind (and hence it reasons – that is, it thinks things through) and it is the will (and hence decides). The soul is God given – there is no chemical explanation for it. However, if we attempt to located a "mind", and a separate "will" and a separate "emotion", we would not. However, we all have a soul that has a spirit (and the reaons why for humans soul and spirit is used interchangeably) - the God-breathed part of a human (differentating humans from a frog); the attribute that makes humans God conscious, or spiritual. Further, the soul - gives hindsight and foresight, and the ability to reason (which is why you worry): that which makes you, you. It is the soul that will be rewarded if you believe in Jesus Christ and punished if you deny him. Science cannot dissect the soul; no human can.

1. It is interesting to note that most humans believe there is life after death. It appears that westerner’s who believe they are somewhat more evolved are the ones that tend to believe they are merely bags of chemicals. They also consume considerabele health-care resources.

David L Simon [Owner of website]
Posted: 19 Nov 2023